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WOW! I am so excited, I just can’t hide it… anymore. I have been working on a new blog website in the past couple of weeks, as a stage where I can write and share again. It has been a while since I switched my Italy blog website ‘Italia Per Tutti’ offline. As I was not living in Italy anymore, I found it very difficult to keep on writing about the countries’ life and culture.

Still the traveling continued and stories kept on being created. This time not only by me, but together with my soulmate Shirley, who also shares a strong passion for exploring the world. She not only feels much love for me and Africa (and dachshunds, but let’s not go there), she has also been working as a professional in the travel industry for years and years. I am often amazed by how much she knows about the world, and it is hard to surprise her with a ticket and destination that she has not already visited.

Writing about life, the biggest journey of all

With TRVLBUGZ I want to launch a blog website that not only focusses on visiting countries, cities and cultures and writing about it. As I see life as the biggest journey of all, I / we also want to be able to share our daily adventures. As our digital diary for when we grow old(er), and for inspiring others to step out of (or grow into) a comfort zone, whatever your destination in life will be.

The reason I chose TRVLBUGZ as a name, is because I got bitten by a ‘travel bug’ at a very young age and I experience the freedom to travel and explore cultures as one of the biggest gifts of all. I have been raised in Gabon (Africa) and lived in a variety of countries after that, with spending 18+ years of my life in a city called The Hague, which is situated in The Netherlands. At this moment Shirley and I are living in the bustling city of Berlin, with already planning another short and long term move.

Friends and other people often call me restless, which I can imagine as I have switched apartments, relocated 22+ times! For me it is an urge to explore and meet inspiring people and cultures from all over the world, now I still can and also because you only have one lifetime to do so. An exploration that is often rewarded with unforgettable experiences, but life of course also can be a struggle… I can tell you that Shirley and I have also traveled through the dark side of life.

Fasten your seat belts…

I want TRVLBUGZ to be an inspirational flow which hopefully readers of my / our stories will appreciate. There will not be any bragging about the places we visit or how we live our lives. And I can already tell you that I will only be writing when I feel I have something to share or tell. It is our aim for our stories to be pure, captivating and fun, upon which we hope to receive inspiration in return. Thus please do reach out to us if you have stories, questions or comments to share.

With this first introduction blog I would like to welcome you to our world and thank you for joining us. As a first story to share, I would like to recommend a vlog (video) I made of our first ever trip to Egypt, last year. This has been such an amazing experience and we recommend anyone to visit this country of the Pharaohs at least once in your lifetime. You will definitely NOT regret it.

So if you are ready and have your seat belts on, then please click HERE and let your first ever TRVLBUGZ journey begin!



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