The Hague: TRVLBUGZ’ Fav Streets & Shops Pt. I

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It’s already been seven months since we move back to The Netherlands, thus enough time to soak up the city in search of our favorite The Hague shopping streets. And after walking around back and forth, I have lined up a selection of locations that will make your visit to The Hague worth the while. Especially if you are new in town. So grab your pencil, paper and Google Maps and get ready to explore the city!

The Hague biggest’ church to pin-point your shopping spree

As a starting point for our route through our favorite The Hague shopping streets, we have chosen De Grote Kerk. This is The Hague’s biggest church, which you can’t miss. In our opinion this location splits the city center in the shopping area for the mass public and the common brands (on the right side) and the more cosy and unique boutiques and café’s (on the left side). From here we will start at the Prinsestraat, and walk all the way back to the Frederik Hendriklaan, which lies in Scheveningen.

Prinsestraat, something for everyone

To be honest, the magic of this area not only lies in Prinsestraat, as it’s smaller side streets are also worth exploring. We actually started our walk in De Papestraat, with some delicious fries, served at the smallest snack counter in The Netherlands | ‘t Kleinste Winkeltje. As you pass through De Papestraat you will notice a diversity of creative shops, café’s and lunchrooms, like HUG the TEA, an organic teas & matcha bar, and Shelby Public House, a ‘Peaky Blinders’ pub!  

Shelby Public House | Papestraat, The Hague

De Papestraat eventually crosses de Prinsestraat, where we turn right in this story. Here are some recommendations:

Kaafi | Easily the best coffee in The Hague
It was a rainy day when we first popped in for a coffee at Kaafi. We were very impressed by the interior design style of Kaafi and blown away by the fine taste of their coffee. Kaafi looks like a New York or London coffee hotspot, situated in The Hague. It is clear that it’s owner – Zeeshan Malik – treats its clients, service and the coffee and lunch menu with passion. A perfect start to your Prinsestraat exploration |

Kaafi | Prinsestraat, The Hague

Free Beer Co. | Craft beer and growler shop
We have passed this petite and inspiring beer shop many times and it is always an eye catcher. If you are looking for something special, a signature beer, then this is your stop. The Hague’s first craft beer and growler shop is definitely worth a visit |

Wwen | Trendy fashion, gifts and gadgets
This is probably our favorite fashion and lifestyle shop of the area, offering something for everyone. It is small but cosy, with a broad variety of trendy clothes, gifts and gadets. Wwen will not only welcome you with a smile, but you will leave with even a bigger one |

Bright Living | High-end furniture and decoration
If you are settling in The Hague and looking for some high quality furniture, then you should definitely visit Bright Living. They offer a stylish collection of home decoration, from seats to tables to cupboards and lighting. And don’t forget to check out their sales basement! |

Pistache Café | A cosy hotspot for happy people
This nice little café has received many mentions as a must visit hotspot. Its design is uplifting, the entourage very pleasant and the menu delicious, offering a variety of healthy and guilty pleasures. So if you already feel hungry after the first part of your city walk, then treat yourself to a tasty pancake or a carpaccio sandwich |

Once you have reached the end of de Prinsestraat, you can take a brief pause in the marvelous Palace Gardens or continue to the next street and area, de Piet Heinstraat, named after a famous Dutch naval officer and folk hero. To us this area is our most favorite of The Hague shopping streets.

Piet Heinstraat, a burstling mixture of creativity and vintage   

This street offers a bustling variety of creative shops, boutique stores and some very nice lunchrooms. Visiting the Piet Heinstraat is a must if you want to dive into the pure spirit of The Hague. A selection of our favorite shops and stores:

ITALY | Grocery and Italian specialties
As an Italy-passionist, ITALY makes my heart skip a beat. It’s a little bit of Italy in The Hague, offering the best of Italy’s food culture. Delicious pasta’s, wine, cheese, olive oils and sausages, everything you need to enjoy an magnificent Italian cuisine at home |

|Coffeehouse and plant-based kitchen
Ah… this street has so much to offer, coffee and lunch-wise. Like Plenty, serving their food with a vegan twist. The plant-based kitchen of Plenty carries some Middle-East ingredients, combined with the finest of specialty coffee. A healthy pitstop, helping you through the rest of your TRVLBUGZ route |

Bij Clarence | Our home outside home
If you are looking for a place where you can just relax and feel home, while not being at home… then Bij Clarence is the place to be. We come here quite often to just sit back and read, while enjoying a quality cup of coffee and their amazing poched eggs. It’s one of those places where we take our friends when they visit The Hague. It’s cosy, trendy, not too big, not too noisy, not too crowded. Bij Clarence is just good |

Bij Clarence | Piet Heinstraat, The Hague

WNKL | Trendy gifts and gadgets shop
Visiting WNKL is always a very pleasant adventure, this shop has eye-candy for everyone. WNKL offers all kinds of trendy gifts and gadgets, with also something for your little ones. If you are looking for a special present or just want to wander away in a world of inspring gifts, then WNKL should top your list |

Sugar & Spice | France inspired boutique store
Wow. I could just leave it with this, as this is the first and last impression you will have when you enter or leave this amazing boutique shop. As a Brand Consultant I aim at connecting all the dots when you present and position your brand. And seeing how these dots connect within the decoration and story of Sugar & Spice, makes me a very happy customer.

This shop is so incredibly amazing and unique, that words can not cover it. Anyone should visit Sugar & Spice at least once, exploring a variety of France-inspired products. From chocolate to spices, from soaps to specialty drinks… and you can also dress up your little princes like a true princes! Just check it out and enjoy the wow.

Sugar & Spice | Piet Heinstraat, The Hague

Collectura | Comis and more collectors store
The name already spoils it: Collectura has everything for the collector. Coins, stamps, comics, books, toys and more, it’s an amazing shop for just wandering around and finding that Tin Tin edition you have been looking for so long. This store makes me happy and I always enjoy the visit, it’s almost like a little collectors’ museum |

And now, breathe in, breathe out…

With all the read and the collected The Hague shopping streets hotspots until here, we will let you explore the 1st part of our blog about TRVLBUGZ’ Fav Street & Shops in The Hague. And once you have had your dose of inspiration, check into the 2nd and final part, where TRVLBUGZ will guide you through the even-amazing Prins Hendrikstraat and the Frederik Hendriklaan.

If we have missed that one special spot in our overview, feel free to leave a comment below. We will for sure plan a visit and who knows write a feature next time.

Thank you for traveling with TRVLBUGZ, enjoy exploring The Hague!

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