Hi there! if these are the first words you are reading from us, then we welcome you to our world! We are happy to see that you take an interest in the stories we have to share… But be ware, TRVLBUGZ is not just an ordinary travel blog. With this digital diary we share how we are traveling through life, emotions, cultures and worlds. This means that you will not only read about us visiting some amazing countries, cities and regions, but also our ups and our downs as we travel through a regular day, from start to finish. After all, life is the biggest travel a person makes, as it is a journey on itself, and not a destination.

We hope that our stories will inspire you to visit some exciting locations with us, and also to just enjoy the travel you are making today. From waking up, having your first coffee, traveling to work and back… or where ever your journey takes you.

Thank you for traveling with us so far, we hope to see you many times again!

Stefano & Shirley

Your TRVLBUGZ cabin crew

TRVLBUGZ is an initiative of two Dutchies (Dutch people, in case you wonder…), who have a strong ambition to discover life and the magic in the world that comes with it. Both have been traveling the globe numerous times, exploring cultures while pacing through cities and countries. Adventure and passion is part of their DNA, in which they are also challenged in choosing left… or right. Still in the end the decision stays the same: choose life.

May we introduce your cabin crew for your journey:

Stefano Oosthof

Stefano in Egypt 2018

I have lost count of how many times I have moved or relocated in my life so far. Somehow the urge for change or exploring something new has always been part of my DNA. It all started when I was a two year old, spending a large part of my youth in Gabon (Africa) and traveling up in the world when I was around ten. After some brief moments of living in Italy, Greece and France, my parents decided to ‘settle’ in The Hague, the third biggest city of The Netherlands.

Some people call me restless, but for me it is just who I am. I love to go out and discover, like a modern times Livingstone. I have a strong passion for Italy, with Torino as a special place in my heart.

I am blessed to have found my soul mate, who inspires me with her passion for Africa and ‘forces’ me to explore this beautiful continent with her. Traveling through life with her makes it all worth while, from waking up in the morning, with her beside me as the first thing I see… until then end of the day, when we fall a sleep and dream about our next destination.

Shirley P. Bastiaans

Shirley in Hamburg 2018

When I was a young girl, I could easily dream for hours about other cultures and how it must be to live in a different world. Dreaming of Africa, the wildlife, was by that time traveling to a different timezone, after I watched a documentary of Shaka Zulu

At the age of eighteen I finally traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, and discovered that the world I dreamed about was even better in real time. I fell in love with this amazing continent and the way the people live their lives; being in the now, enjoying every moment to the fullest.

For the last fifteen years I have been doing what I love most; traveling and working in the travel industry. My longest trip was a journey around the world, spending time on a deserted island in Micronesia. Still nothing can beat that moment when I set foot on African soil.

I feel blessed that I can share this with the one person I love. To explore the world together and visit beautiful places. (even if they are not in Africa…) I Hope that we can inspire others with our stories as others have inspired us.

“Life is a journey, not a destination… and I just can’t tell just what tomorrow brings” – S. Tyler