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I have heard and read so many amazing stories about South Africa and its’ Mother City (Cape Town) and thus a visit has been on my list for a very long time. As an Africa Travel specialist, TRVLBUGZ’ Shirley finally made arrangements for us to visit this beautiful part of the world.

That was in 2017… unfortunately it took me two years (!!) to finish the edit I made from our trip to Cape Town and beyond! The reason for this is that we had just bought our GoPro and that a visit to South Africa made me a bit too enthusiastic for shooting everything in sight, ha ha. Resulting in quite the amount of footage that I needed to go through…

So now it is finally here, a TRVLBUG vlog about our trip to amazing South Africa, which you can watch by clicking here (or just scroll down this post).

South Africa, a travel destination gem

What I notice, is that after two years our visit to Cape Town and its surrounding region of magic still grabs me. I have traveled to many parts of the world, but South Africa was and is something special. It almost seems like all the beauty in the world comes together at one place. The nature, the culture, the weather and the kindness of the people, it still holds a special place in my heart. And also, two years ago already feels too long! We will definitely be returning in the upcoming year(s)!

From cuddling an ostrich to swimming with whales…

There is are so many things to do, see and experience in South Africa, and fortunately we did! Of course we took our time to enjoy Cape Town, during which we visited Table Mountain and even took a helicopter tour over the city! But there is so much more: the penguins at Boulders Beach, the meerkats‘ at Oudtshoorn, visiting ostrich farms and cuddling them (!!), ‘swimming with whales’, tasting wine at the many farms in the Stellenbosch region, enjoying a traditional South African BBQ, gaping at the beauty of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden… or just the beauty of the land and its’ nature in general. My god, South Africa, you almost feel like a fairytale vacation destination.

A culture with its own Yin and Yang

What I also found special about South Africa, is that despite its beauty, the country and people do not forget its dark past (and present) in history. South Africa is a place of paying respect to what has happened and remembering the achievements of a great man – Nelson Mandela – who has changed history forever. You could say that South Africa has a bit of a Yin and a Yang: a beauty and a dark side that have grown into one.

Ok, after two years of waiting for our South Africa TRVL vlog to be finished, let me skip any further words I want to share and let our video do the talking.

We thank you for watching… and please visit our TRVL Vlog page for more TRVLBUGZ destinations!


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