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Egypt and its pyramids, pharaohs, tombs, Nile river and its history in general are truly special. For most it is part of a story they have only heard or read about… which could easily also be a fairytale. Thus exploring Egypt and touching its pyramids up close and personal has always been on our bucket list. With winter coming to Europe, we finally decided to make it happen: we booked our tickets towards the Egyptian sun, culture and its pointy building! And we vlogged it!

While exploring Egypt we visited almost every temple or tomb that played an important part in Egyptian history. We survived the crazy traffic in Cairo, cruised the river Nile, had an encounter with Tutankhamun and ended our journey gaping at the magnificent Red Sea. As describing our adventure in words would result into our own version of a ‘Lonely Planet’, we have decided to upload a video instead.

Our advice: visit Egypt at least once in your lifetime!

There truly are so many magnificent things to see in beautiful Egypt, with the people being so incredible friendly. If there is one country and culture that you should visit in a lifetime, it should be Egypt.

Before we show and tell too much, what can you expect when exploring Egypt with us in our TRVL vlog? A short summary of the destinations and sights we checked, while following our famous tour guide Sameh ‘Sim Sim!’:

Cairo | Luxor | Temple of Karnak | Valley of the Kings | Temple of Hatshepsut | Nile River | Temple of Edfu | Temple of Philae | Kom-Ombo | Aswan | The big dam | Sharm el sheikh | Red Sea

Learn how to walk and talk like an Egyptian

Click below and learn all about how to walk and talk like an Egyptian.
Enjoy the journey and please share your comments with us.


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