Back in NL: finding your roots again

The Hague

Some months have passed since the last written TRVLBUGZ update, mainly because we have been busy with our relocation from Berlin back to The Hague. Moving back home did not seem like that of a challenge at first, still after being away for about five years, stepping back into the ‘old world’ needs some time getting used to.

So the TRVLBUGZ have landed in The Netherlands and rooted in The Hague. How does it feel to be back?, is a question often asked recently. I have tried to provide the answer a couple of times and still need to think about it when putting it in words. At one hand being back in the known culture and environment provides peace of mind. Life feels a lot easier than the past years. Friends are near, we have an amazing apartment close to the beach and feel very happy in the neighborhood – het Statenkwartier – we live in. But still, after living in Torino and Berlin (and also Amsterdam for a brief moment), there is something missing. It feels like quite a challenge to actually experience the feeling of being back home.

The 2.0 version of The Hague feels pretty cool

After four to five years being abroad it goes without saying that things have changed in The Hague – the city I lived in for around sixteen years. Neighborhoods have changed, friends and people have changed, I have changed… and that is something that you need to accept when you ‘time travel’ back to the home you left. Of course, some things never change in The Netherlands: the weather still sucks!

On the positive side, the comfort of living in a well organized and clean country does feel like a warm blanket. And the city itself has also received an upgrade with all the nice and new shops and restaurants, fancy outdoor markets and cool new buildings. It is clear that the 2.0 version of home has a lot to offer, but still I find it difficult to provide you with the answer to How does it feel to be back?.

Homesick at home…

I know that I need to give it more time and that I of course will do. But with the international experiences, connections and friends abroad we have gained over the past years, it feels like I am missing something. You even might label it as feeling homesick, but without a clear connection to a place called home. It was not Torino, neither Berlin and also The Hague does not feel like home at the moment. The Dalai Lama once said that home is not a place, but a destination you need to find inside yourself. A wisdom that I am starting to cherish and understand more and more each day. Home is where the heart is, right?

A homebase for adventures to be

So without a next destination in sight (yet), the TRVLBUGZ will embrace The Hague as our current HQ from which we travel through life and plan our new adventures. And as time passes by, feel free to ask me again How it feels to be back? in a couple of months. Who knows, it will not take a blog-length to provide you with a suitable answer.  


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