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When Shirley proposed a road trip through the south of France, I replied ‘are you insane?!’. Not because it was such a silly idea, but a Provence vacation felt like betraying the love I feel for Italy. I have been exploring Italy for decades now, so why suddenly switch to a Provence road trip? Why not go for an Amalfi coast trip then? Pasta, Italian coffee and ice cream, beautiful culture and people… why change that?

Fast forward: as you can imagine I lost the discussion, and our Provence vacation was plannend. And ok, I must confess that I was curious about this beautiful part of the world. Until now France to me was Paris, nothing more (sorry). I somehow overlooked the rest of the country, which is quite difficult seeing its size.

So there we went, with our bags packed and tickets booked, off to Toulouse. From here we had planned to travel alongside the coast to our final stop in Marseille. And guess what, we vlogged it!

No vlog spoilers please!

I will try not spoil too much of our ‘Provence road trip’ vlog, but what I can say is that the Provence is freaking amazing. ‘Duhhhhh’, I can hear you say. But remember, you are talking to an Ital-o-holic, who has been ingnoring this part of the world for whole his life. A funny fact is that I also briefly lived in Montpellier – according to my mom. This was when I was a youngster, which I can’t even remember ha ha.

Shirley laid out quite the plan for our ten day Provence vacation, visiting an incredible line up of villages and cities. When you check in to our vlog, we will take you on a journey through Carcassonne (OMG, that castle!), Narbonne (love this town!), Gruissan, Avignon (don’t fall of the bridge!), Montpellier (did I really live here?), Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and a magnificent village on top of a hill. Places you have probably already visit in your lifetime, but who can ever get enough of Provence, right?

Ok, Provence, you captured me…

Our Provence vacation has made quite an impression on me, it has even become a fierce competitor to my regular visits to Italy… of course still nothing beats Turin. For this year we are planning a revisit to Provence to explore our favorite villages and cities even beter.

For now, we welcome you on board our ‘A Provence road trip’ vlog, we hope you enjoy your travel!

Ps. Did you now we explored and vlogged Puglia (Italy) too? Watch it HERE.


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